History of Chaga Tea

Why did Russian workers never have tumor? Attempting to spare cash on tea they drank the chaga imbuement. They would lift it up from birch trees, ground and after that mix it.

Chaga mushroom is viewed as a standout amongst the most prominent option beverages to avoid growth and now and again help to treat it.


Sergey N. Maslennikov, a Russian specialist, who is recalled by nearby individuals, numerous years after his passing, was conceived June 21, 1887 in a poor group of the shipper Nikita Maslennikov. Nikita Konstantinovich filled in as a head administrator of the vendor Obrezkova, then turned into the co-proprietor of a wine shop. He was thoughtful and delicate, and he cherished youngsters. One of his granddaughters reviewed that he permitted them to plait his facial hair in interlaces when they were little. His better half Elikanida Mikhailovna, dissimilar to her significant other, was a stern, pragmatic and down-to - earth lady. She had been sparing berries from his extensive garden for a stick which was sold in the shop.

In 1908 Sergey moved on from the Medical Faculty of Moscow University, then worked in Aleksandrov in Zemstvo doctor's facility. In October , 1910 he wedded Maria Mikhailovna Sokolova. She was conceived in St. Petersburg in the group of the administrator of the Tauride Palace. After the passing of her folks she lived with her relatives Dobronravov. Elikanida Mikhaylovna trusted that vagrant, lady of the hour Masha Sokolova was not a decent match for her child, but rather he demanded the marriage. In 1912 they had a little girl, Catherine, in 1913 - Maria.

In 1914-1918, Sergey Maslennikov served in the 197 the Infantry Regiment 6-th Siberian division, in 1916, he worked in a healing center in Nizhniy Novgorod. From 1924 to 1935 he went around the nation: he worked in the area Tashkazenskom in the Syrdarya territory, then - in Sakhalin, in Blagoveshchensk in the Kara-Bugaz. In 1935 he came back to Alexandrov. Since 1941 he served in the healing center, then - as a specialist in Alexander sanitation focuses.

Sergey was a man of ability, truly dedicated. He assembled numerous formulas that are still devoured by the inhabitants of the city for treatment of sore throat, colds ... He was additionally a doctor specialist.

The primary accomplishment of his life - a revelation, as expressed in the "depiction of the creation", "symptomatic instrument to encourage the condition of growth patients".

Solzhenitsyn, one of the "correspondence Patients" of Maslennikov, is telling about this in the novel "Tumor Ward":

"Companions! It's an astounding story. I was let it know by one patient who came here for a check, when I was all the while sitting tight for confirmation here. I then, without going for broke, composed a postcard with an arrival address of the healing center. Furthermore, now came the appropriate response as of now! Twelve days have passed - and the appropriate response. What's more, the specialist Maslennikov even apologized to me for the deferral, since it turned out, he needed to react to a normal of ten letters a day. What's more, not as much as 30 minutes is insufficient for a decent letter. So for five hours a day, some individual was composing letters! Also, he doesn't get anything for that! ... Also, he doesn't have any staff, partners, secretaries. Every last bit of it - when on holiday. What's more, there is no any greatness for his work either! For us, the debilitated patients, the specialist is as a ferryman: we require him for 60 minutes, and after that we don't have any acquaintance with him. Furthermore, those he will cure, discard the letters. Toward the finish of the letter, he grumbles that patients, particularly somebody he quit, thinking of him. They don't expound on the measurements taken and the outcomes. What's more, he likewise asked me - implored me to answer attentively!

... one previous patient enlightened me concerning Dr. Maslennikov (an old nation specialist from Alexander County, close Moscow). He has remained there for quite a long time - since he came there, treated in a similar doctor's facility. And afterward he saw that despite the fact that the therapeutic writing was progressively expounding on disease, he didn't have growth patients among the workers. Why was this? ...

He started to ponder ... furthermore, discovered this wonders: to spare cash on tea, the men in this entire region don't mix tea, yet chaga, otherwise called a birch mushroom. ... So Sergey N. Maslennikov believed: would it say it isn't that chaga that Russian workers have been treated with for tumor for a considerable length of time, without knowing it?

In any case, clearly, this was insufficient. We needed to check everything. We had numerous, numerous years yet to watch the individuals who drink this natively constructed tea and the individuals who don't drink. This intended to give this toast the individuals who have a tumor, and assume the liability not to treat them by different means. At that point think about what temperature to blend, and in what measurement, either to bubble or not bubble, and what number of glasses to drink, without hurting. At that point watch which tumors it influences and which it influences less."

Solzhenitsyn encountered the mending impact of fungus.as well as a great many other individuals. A significant number of whom Sergey N. spared.

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It merits perusing his scratch pad with records of the consequences of his medicines. There are visit records of full recuperation. Be that as it may, for quite a while this technique for treatment was not perceived. He needed to see patients subtly, not at work or home. Just in 1950, after numerous times of research and perception, Sergey N. connected in the Ministry of Health for his innovation. Copyright was acquired in 1958, after eight years.

Like all capable individuals, Dr. Maslenikov was a flexible man, attached to numerous things, for example, chasing and cultivating. He likewise strolled around the entire of Alexandrov with a camera, taping its each corner. Numerous photographs of Sergiev Posad were safeguarded in the urban areas of southern Russia.

Furthermore, as of late, in 2001, in the Japanese pharmaceutical organization ended up plainly inspired by Dr. Aleksandrov's creation . Taking after Sergei Nikitich, its agents went to his historical center, and afterward in Japan they issued a magazine gave to the specialist Maslennikov and chaga.